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Book recommendations for The Independent on Earth Day 2021.

I write regular news articles and thought pieces for Curious Earth – the peer-created platform for environmental news, everyday activism and lifestyle inspiration.

The Fashion Conscious’ editorial magazine for slow, sustainable fashion and mindful living. We share content that educates and inspires our readers about the future of fashion.

This premium natural vodka brand wanted a name that would reflect the rawness of their ingredients and evoke a wild feeling of far-flung places. We chose to name the brand after the river in Southern India. Homeland to one of the founders, and the place that they’ll concentrate their core environmental philanthropic efforts.

Home-cooked food brand ByRuby began life as a one-woman show not too long ago and are now available across the UK. They wanted a communication style that captured those original values and inspired a visual system and design-work grounded in earthiness and purity of ingredients.

I helped the UK’s first supplier of Fairmined silver communicate their take on transparent sustainability and gave words to their unique, nature-inspired designs.