Why I do what I do…

I love words.

How they simplify, clarify and make us more intentional. Whilst expanding an idea to create a feeling and tell a story.

Before becoming a copywriter I worked in travel startups, led global event programmes, and travelled around south-east Asia as a digital nomad building an online community.

Writing, or communicating ideas, always seems to be the golden thread between things that I do.

In recent years climate awareness has been growing and I’ve been using my skills to share information in the fight against greenwashing.

I’m passionate about creativity and transparency in equal measure: if one sparks the imagination, the other makes sure that we remain true to the cause.

My offline status is usually out in nature. Follow me on Instagram, I promise to fill your feed with plant-pics.

My mission is to communicate more of the world we want to see, to inspire a slower and more thoughtful way of living, and give a voice to businesses that work hard to generate more than profit.